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Winter Bundle

Give your fruit trees the best possible start in life.

The first 3 years of your fruit tree’s life are the most important, from site selection through to planting, pruning and aftercare. Caring properly for young fruit trees will set them up for a lifetime of productivity and health.

This bundle includes the six courses that all new fruit tree owners need, plus a hefty discount so you can save yourself a bundle!

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Planting a fruit tree without the proper preparation or aftercare is at best a wasted opportunity and at worst just throwing money down the drain.

The most important thing to do straight after planting is to prune the trees properly, and yet neglecting this step is one of the most common mistakes we see, leading to a lifetime of struggle with a tree that is too tall, not productive, or just the wrong shape. Other common mistakes are planting the tree in the wrong place, lack of soil care, and lack of water. Most of these problems (though not all) are fixable later, but by then you may have wasted years of potential productivity.

The Winter Bundle includes all the short courses you need to set up your trees properly from the beginning. Covering site selection, soil preparation, how to choose a good tree, correct planting procedures, irrigation and aftercare, it will help you nurture your trees to be robust, healthy and productive as soon as possible.

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