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Organic Citrus Manual – FREE!

A professional manual for organic citrus growers, by David Madge

Citrus are one of the most common and loved backyard fruit trees, but can also be some of the most problematic. We tracked down this incredible free resource, which draws on the knowledge of experienced organic citrus growers from around Australia, to answer your in-depth citrus questions.

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How do you control citrus gall wasp? What should you feed lemon trees, and how often? What sort of soil do citrus trees like? Do snails eat lemon trees? These are just some of the hundreds of common questions that home citrus growers want answered.

In most cases, the principles in the Grow Great Fruit system that we’ve developed for deciduous fruit trees hold true for citrus, but our knowledge stops there, and so we went looking for some expert help from professional citrus growers.

This manual is absolutely jam-packed with information specific to growing organic citrus, including soil and water management, pest and disease control, and how to manage weeds. It also includes handy sections on converting from chemical to organic production, machinery, energy and wastes, and lists of useful resources.

6 reviews for Organic Citrus Manual - FREE!

  1. Sami Ullah


  2. Sami Ullah


  3. Jan Wood

    This years my lemons are very small and the leaves are curling up and a bit yellow.
    My plan is to give them more water and fertilise around the base of the tree. Should you dig around the tree and dig the fertiliser in a bit?

    • Hugh (verified owner)

      Hi Jan,

      Citrus generally are struggling at the moment with the conditions. Yours sounds like it may need a really good feed – organic Dynamic Lifter of aged manure are good. I wouldn’t try to work it into the soil. Just apply to the surface and water in. Hope that helps.

  4. Melissa Healy

    Great resources to help you look after your fruit trees better.

  5. Lois

    Should be a good read I did hear your webinar on citrus.

  6. geoff darr

    The Ebook is a great resource for any one interested in growing citrus

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