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Growing a mixture of flowers under your fruit trees, in your vegetable patch or in fact anywhere in your garden can help you have healthy soil, healthy trees, happy bees—and even a healthy gut, particularly if you include edible flowers in the mix.

This guide includes more than 100 edible flowering plants that grow well with fruit trees; most (but not all) are suitable as understorey plants. It forms the perfect companion to The Under Story Masterclass presented by Dr Christine Jones.

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$15.00 incl. GST

Nurture young fruit trees

The period after planting a new fruit tree is key to its long-term success. Protect your investment of time, money and space in your garden, and put your young trees on the path for a long healthy life with these simple checklists and tasks.

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$19.00 incl. GST

Choose the right trees, prepare the site and plant properly

It's important to set your fruit trees up for success. Luckily it's also easy, when you know what to do! Learn how to choose the right site and the right trees, get your soil ready, and plant properly to give your trees the head start they deserve.

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$14.00 incl. GST

Prune young trees for success

Pruning young trees into the right shape when you plant them is super important, as it sets the tree up correctly for the rest of its life.

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$14.00 incl. GST

Give your fruit trees the best possible start in life.

The first 3 years of your fruit tree's life are the most important, from site selection through to planting, pruning and aftercare. Caring properly for young fruit trees will set them up for a lifetime of productivity and health.

This bundle includes the six courses that all new fruit tree owners need, plus a hefty discount so you can save yourself a bundle!

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$99.00 incl. GST