The 5 Key Steps to Quick Success with Fruit Trees

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“Grow Great Fruit has for years been one of the best online resources for helping those growing fruit in the suburbs and across our rural hinterlands to crank up their household economy with greater abundance. In the process many have become producers for their local communities. The relaunched website and programs are now even better; a great resource for those wanting to skill up or start from scratch as fruit producers.”

— David Holmgren, co-originator of Permaculture

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Finally! — a webinar that will show you how to quickly get the confidence you need to look after your fruit trees.
In little more than an hour you’ll understand:
  • how to build healthy soil (and why it’s SO important);
  • how to make sure your trees have the right amount of water;
  • how to make pruning simple (YES, really);
  • the key to organic pest and disease control (without using chemicals);
  • how to grow a year’s supply of fruit and save hundreds of dollars.
This is the best time you will EVER invest in growing your own food!


Hugh and Katie Finlay have been growing organic fruit commercially since the late 1990s. Through drought, flood and everything in between, they’ve successfully harvested a crop every year. They’ve taught hundreds of fruit growing enthusiasts how to get rapid success and confidence with their fruit trees.

Hugh is the ‘microbe nerd’ on the farm, having trained with Dr Elaine Ingham at the Soil Food Web Institute, as well as other inspirational teachers.  Hugh’s experience is in fruit tree nutrition, irrigation, netting, and pretty much anything that involves a tractor! After doing his initial farm training in Western Australia and the middle East, Hugh spent many years roaming the world as a Lonely Planet author before settling on the idyllic farm in Harcourt he shares with Katie.



Katie’s experience is in fruit production, packing and marketing, which includes everything from pruning and grafting the trees through to picking, storage and preserving fruit. Growing up on the farm Katie thought farming was for the birds and headed off to Uni in Melbourne, but after getting her Bachelor of Science and then studying permaculture, she realized that her heart lay back where she’d started in the country. 

Katie and Hugh are passionate about helping people learn how to successfully grow their own fruit. They grow organically, and teach organic growing principles and methods. They’re aware of the changing climate, so the gardening methods they teach help to create solutions, not add to the problem.

They’ve poured years of experience into their farm-tested Grow Great Fruit program after talking to hundreds of home growers, and figuring out what you need most…information, skills, security, and someone you can trust to help you solve your problems.

The 5 Key Steps to Quick Success with Fruit Trees

Free webinar with Hugh & Katie Finlay

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Awards, Grants and Research

  • Research participant, “What is the relationship between soil health and environmental stewardship in conventional and alternative agricultural management systems in Victoria, Australia”, Assoc. Prof. Wendy Stubbs, Dr Vanessa Wong, Mr Thomas Kennett, Monash University, September 2019.
  • Research participant, “What is the relationship between soil health and environmental stewardship in conventional and alternative agricultural management systems in Victoria, Australia”, Assoc. Prof. Wendy Stubbs, Dr Vanessa Wong, Mr Thomas Kennett, Monash University, September 2019.
  • Grant recipient, 2018, “Harcourt Organic Farm Alliance”, Farming Together Grant, Australian Government
  • Grant recipient, 2018, “Creating the Land of Milk and Honey in Rural Australia”, Food Source Victoria Growth Grant, DEDJTR, State Government of Victoria
  • Research participant, The Difference Incubator for Hepburn Wind, March 2018.
  • Grant recipient, 2017, “Harcourt Organic Farm Alliance”, Food Source Victoria Planning Grant, DEDJTR, State Government of Victoria
  • Winner, 2015 RIRDC Victorian Rural Women’s Award, link here
  • Winner, 2015 Mount Alexander Business of the Year
  • Winner, 2015 Mount Alexander Sustainability and Environment Award
  • Runner-up, Outstanding Best Practice, Outstanding Innovation or Invention & Encouragement Awards, Carbon Cocky Awards, 2011
  • Medalist, ‘From the Earth, delicious produce awards, 2011
  • Medalist, ‘From the Earth, delicious produce awards, 2010

Media & Speaking


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