Organic Pest & Disease Control for Fruit Trees

Free webinar with Hugh & Katie Finlay


Learn the Grow Great Fruit technique

Protect your fruit trees from pests and diseases using all-organic methods. The workshop includes lots of real-life examples of the pests and diseases you’re likely to come across on your fruit trees.   



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“Grow Great Fruit has for years been one of the best online resources for helping those growing fruit in the suburbs and across our rural hinterlands to crank up their household economy with greater abundance. In the process many have become producers for their local communities.

The relaunched website and programs are now even better; a great resource for those wanting to skill up or start from scratch as fruit producers.”

— David Holmgren, co-originator of Permaculture

Worried about pests and diseases but don’t want to use chemicals to grow your family’s food?

Aphids, codling moth, leaf curl and pear and cherry slugs are just some of the many problems that can get between you and your delicious fruit.

It’s so frustrating to put in all the hard work of planting, pruning, feeding and watering your trees – only to have the crop ruined by … something.

Often times, you don’t even know the culprit.

Leaves go curly, fruit gets spotty or falls off, or the tree just looks really sad.

It can be very disheartening.

In this workshop we’ll share the technique we’ve developed over more than 20 years of growing organic fruit that works for all fruit trees.

But better than that, we’ll give you hope.

Yes, it IS possible to grow fantastic fruit using completely organic methods.

No, you DON’T have to compromise your health or the environment by resorting to expensive and dangerous chemicals.

In fact, we’ll show you why they don’t work in the long run anyway, so you’re much better off without them.

You’ll leave full of confidence about how to get started. It will only take an hour or so to restore your faith in organic fruit growing, and in your own ability to harvest incredible tasting home-grown fruit.

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