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Permaculture in Action

Use the permaculture system for better living

Do you yearn for a simpler, more abundant life? A life where you provide more of your own food and produce less waste? Permaculture provides practical, “do-able” solutions for living lighter on the earth, using a design process that works with nature. Whether you’re growing food on a balcony or a farm, permaculture will help you create the lifestyle you long for.

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Permaculture speaks to the very heart of who we want to be, and how we want to live. We all yearn for a simpler life with more connection to nature, and more time doing the things we love, but often feel trapped in a cycle of constant stress, too much work and too many demands on our time. Permaculture provides a clear set of simple principles to help you create real-life, practical designs that will improve your life, based on the ethics of caring for the earth, caring for people and a fair share for everyone.

Our Grow Great Fruit system draws heavily on the 12 permaculture principles, which include “observe and interact”, “catch and store energy”, “obtain a yield”, and our favourite—”use small and slow solutions”!

This module starts with a comprehensive Permaculture Masterclass that will take you step-by-step through the principles including real-life examples. Then you’ll learn a host of practical permaculture skills including how to design your garden, monitoring skills, build your own dehydrator and create micro-climates. By the time you’ve finished this module you’ll achieve a solid overview of how to use permaculture across every fruit growing topic to help you create a thriving permaculture garden. (NOTE: Most of the topics in this module are included in other modules.)

What’s included in this module:

  • Unit 1: Permaculture masterclass (video)
  • Unit 2a: Do you have a weed problem or an animal deficiency (article)
  • Unit 2b: Write an animal plan or your garden (activity)
  • Unit 3a: What are weeds telling us (article)
  • Unit 3b: What are your weeds telling you about your garden (activity)
  • Unit 4a: Natural fertility (article)
  • Unit 4b: Maximising natural fertility (article)
  • Unit 4c: Maximising soil fertility (audio)
  • Unit 4d: Keep the nutrients in your garden (activity)
  • Unit 4e: Understand the soil food web (activity)
  • Unit 5a: Eight key watering principles (article)
  • Unit 5b: Setting up a grey water system (article)
  • Unit 5c: Set up a drip irrigation system (article)
  • Unit 5d: Set up a drip irrigation system (audio)
  • Unit 6a: Orchard maintenance (article)
  • Unit 6b: Understand the life cycle of pests & diseases (article)
  • Unit 6c: Understand the life cycle of pests & diseases (audio)
  • Unit 6d: Monitor for pests diseases and nutritional deficiencies (article)
  • Unit 6e: Learn how to monitor your fruit trees (activity)
  • Unit 7a: Fruit self-sufficiency may be easier than you think (article)
  • Unit 7b: Catalogue your fruit trees (activity)
  • Unit 7c: Plan your home orchard to harvest fruit for 6 months or more (article)
  • Unit 8a: Create micro climates to improve your fruit growing (article)
  • Unit 8b: Review your micro climates (activity)
  • Unit 8c: Use guilds to grow healthy trees (article)
  • Unit 9: Grow your own fruit trees annual calendar (resource)
  • Unit 10a: Preserve summer fruit (article)
  • Unit 10b: Build a fruit dehydrator (activity)


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