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You'll find more than 50 short courses and e-books to support your rapid journey to becoming a confident fruit grower. You can also access our free resources by clicking on "Free Stuff" in the Course categories box.

The courses cover all fruit growing topics—from soil nutrition and management, right through to harvest and eating. The focus is on results, and helping you turn enthusiasm and effort into reliable and delicious crops of fruit, every year.

The courses have between 6 and 20 units. No matter how you prefer to learn—reading, doing, listening—you'll find articles, audios, worksheets, videos and interactive hands-on activities to suit you. When you select and buy a course, you'll get instant access to all the units in that course.

Altogether, the courses make up the complete Grow Great Fruit system. If you want to become a pro fruit grower as quickly as possible,  the Grow Great Fruit Home-Study Program may suit you better as it includes access to all courses and e-books, unlimited one-on-one help from us, a Fruit Tree Database, and other member-only resources.  

If learning at your own pace is more your style, get started by browsing all the courses on this page, or refine your search by selecting Course Categories (topics).

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Happy growing. Hugh and Katie :)


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Use the permaculture system for better living

Do you yearn for a simpler, more abundant life? A life where you provide more of your own food and produce less waste? Permaculture provides practical, "do-able" solutions for living lighter on the earth, using a design process that works with nature. Whether you're growing food on a balcony or a farm, permaculture will help you create the lifestyle you long for.

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