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How to Grow Subtropical Fruits Masterclass

Are you fascinated by subtropical fruit?

Would you love to add some of these exotic, delicious, interesting plants to your garden, but you’re not quite sure how to start?

In this 1.5 hour online Masterclass, guest presenters Paul Daley and Andre Madeira cover all the basics of creating the right environment for subtropical plants – even if you don’t live in the subtropics!

Drawing on an understanding of original food forest cultures, Paul and Andre explain the principles and practices of establishing a custom-designed food forest that suits your lifestyle goals. They take you through the steps required to create a thriving backyard food forest, and show you how to scale it to suit your situation, whether you want a single food forest guild based on just one fruit tree, or are aiming for a full-scale food forest.

$25.00 incl. GST


You’ll learn:
*  How to assess your location, climate, and micro-climate to guide your planting
*  The layers in a food forest, and how they interact
*  The top 6 sub-tropical fruit trees to include in your food forest garden, including needs, dwarfability, and growing hacks
*  How to create a biodome microclimate to grow fruit trees and their supporting plants outside their usual range
*  How to maintain a dwarf-style orchard or food forest through pruning and shaping
*  Extensive plant suggestions for each different layer of your garden

Growing fruit at home takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and persistence. If you’re not sure how to properly care for your subtropical fruit trees, it’s easy to get excited at the nursery and bring exotic-sounding plants home, only to see them shrivel and die. You can end up throwing a lot of money down the drain.

Paul and Andre will help you understand how to create the conditions that help your subtropical trees to stay happy, healthy, and productive.

Plus, they answer the subtropical FAQ (both inside the Masterclass, and in the attached PDF).

By the end of the webinar you’ll understand:
– How to create the right conditions in your garden to help support subtropical species
– How to create a food-forest in your backyard that provides early continuous yield (on the right scale to suit your situation)
– How to grow subtropicals in temperate zones, under the right conditions
– How to choose the right plants for your garden
– How to prune subtropicals to manage their height
– Tips and tricks for care of some of the more common subtropical fruit trees.

Paul and Andre draw on many years of experience with growing subtropicals at Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery, and in-place throughout Indonesia and Timor-Leste. Together they have led a project to install a ‘biodome’ at the nursery to demonstrate how to create a productive food forest on a small scale, that is basically self-sustaining.


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