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The Bee Bundle includes everything you need to understand how to create a beautiful, biodiverse garden that will naturally attract bees and other pollinators.

Attracting bees to your garden will help to pollinate your fruit trees and grow better crops. But growing a mixture of flowering plants also helps you and your garden in other ways. The resources in the Bee Bundle will help you to:

  • attract beneficial predator insects that help to keep pests under control;
  • improve diversity in your diet by growing edible flowering plants under your fruit trees;
  • understand the amazing connections between fruit trees and the plants, soil, and microbes that grow beneath them;
  • choose flowering plants that are best suited to your climate;
  • add to your fruit tree collection to ensure every tree has the right polliniser "buddy".
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$44.00 incl. GST

Learn when you need two trees for pollination, and how to attract bees for abundant harvests

Two things are needed to get great fruit crops—the right pollinisers (trees that need to be planted together to get a crop), and enough bees. Learn how to ensure abundant harvests by creating a bee-friendly garden and understanding pollination.

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$14.00 incl. GST

Build resilience with good drainage and a flood recovery plan

In an increasingly changeable world, extreme rain events (and even floods) are more likely, and fruit trees can easily die if their roots become too wet. Prevent the tragedy of drowned trees with good drainage and a flood strategy.

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$14.00 incl. GST

Avoid gluts and spread your harvest by growing the right varieties

Imagine not having to buy fruit—ever! Think of the money you'll save, and the comfort of being able to eat free, nutritious, home-grown fruit all year, not just during summer.

Plus, you'll dramatically reduce your food miles and help to save the planet. Learn how to plan for fruit self-sufficiency in your own backyard.

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$19.00 incl. GST

Orange tree with fruit in a pot

This comprehensive e-book covers everything you need to know to grow fruit trees in containers successfully. It will gently guide you along the pathway to success starting with choosing the right tree, through to filling your pots with the right stuff.

You'll learn how to keep your tree healthy and protect it from a range of pests and disease, as well as a step-by-step guide to potting (and re-potting) your tree.

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$24.95 incl. GST

Plan where to put your fruit trees for long term success by understanding your climate, weather, soil and garden.

With good planning and design, you can have fresh deciduous fruit from late spring to early winter in a temperate climate, if your fruit trees are in the right place with the right protection.

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$19.00 incl. GST

Are you fascinated by subtropical fruit?

Would you love to add some of these exotic, delicious, interesting plants to your garden, but you're not quite sure how to start?

In this 1.5 hour online Masterclass, guest presenters Paul Daley and Andre Madeira cover all the basics of creating the right environment for subtropical plants - even if you don't live in the subtropics!

Drawing on an understanding of original food forest cultures, Paul and Andre explain the principles and practices of establishing a custom-designed food forest that suits your lifestyle goals. They take you through the steps required to create a thriving backyard food forest, and show you how to scale it to suit your situation, whether you want a single food forest guild based on just one fruit tree, or are aiming for a full-scale food forest.

You'll learn:
*  How to assess your location, climate, and micro-climate to guide your planting
*  The layers in a food forest, and how they interact
*  The top 6 sub-tropical fruit trees to include in your food forest garden, including needs, dwarfability, and growing hacks
*  How to create a biodome microclimate to grow fruit trees and their supporting plants outside their usual range
*  How to maintain a dwarf-style orchard or food forest through pruning and shaping
*  Extensive plant suggestions for each different layer of your garden

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$25.00 incl. GST

Read what your trees are telling you about disease, nutrition and the seasons

Tune into nature and learn to read what your fruit trees are telling you.

This free but underutilised technique of learning what to look for (and when) will give you the "heads up" about key ways to care for your fruit trees in every season before the problems happen.

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$19.00 incl. GST