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Apple Fermentation Masterclass

Get the theory and practice of turning a glut of apples into a range of drinks that can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike.

Do you grow or forage apples? Would you love to learn some new ways of converting your harvest into a range of delicious—and health giving—products?

In this 1.5-hour Masterclass, guest expert Paul “Speedy” Ward shows you how to turn your apple crop into juice, cider, apple cider vinegar, and shrub.

He explains easy-to-use techniques that don’t need loads of expensive equipment, because this Masterclass aims to return the lost art of cider and vinegar making to the home-grower, where it belongs.

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This masterclass shows you how to make reliably delicious cider, and how to (purposefully) convert it into apple-cider vinegar, one of nature’s great “cure-alls” that has been traditionally been used for everything from restoring gut health and conditioning hair to healing your animals.

You’ll also learn all about “shrubs” – flavoured vinegar syrups that were the original cordials (before they fell into corporate hands and morphed into the sickly-sweet and artificial cordials we know today). Shrubs make sophisticated, non-alcoholic drinks for grown-ups (or kids)—think of them as the Clayton’s (“the drink you’re having when you’re not having a drink”) of the cider world. Shrubs also combine well (really, really well) with a range of spirits for enjoying on those occasions when you’re not the designated driver.

The Masterclass includes:
* How to press your own apple juice
* Which apples make the best cider
* How to improve your juice if it’s too low in tannins and acid
* The basics of making apple cider vinegar (including sourcing a “mother”)
* The basics of making flavoured shrubs
* Using different fruits and herbs in shrubs

Our expert, Paul “Speedy” Ward, takes you through the key points of each area, and shows you the simple techniques and equipment you need to safely make all these delicious preserved goodies.

The big challenge for anyone interested in self-sufficiency is making the absolute most from every harvest, and providing as much of your own food (and medicine) as possible from the garden and community.

You’ll leave the workshop with notes, recipes and a clear understanding of the theory and practise of turning a glut of apples into a range of drinks that can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike, have multiple health benefits, and will keep in your pantry for years.

1 review for Apple Fermentation Masterclass

  1. Anthea Mitchell

    Where is this class being held?

    • Hugh

      Hi, the product for sale here is a replay of an online class held a few weeks ago. Cheers.

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