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Plump Pears and Quirky Quinces

Growing tips and recipes for organic pears and quinces

Longing for fresh fruit that will grow in autumn or winter? Do you want fruit that’s easy to grow with minimal input? Pears and quinces ripen late, store well, are hardy, and preserve marvelously; they deserve to be included in every serious food-grower’s garden!

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Pears and quinces are nutritious, delicious and versatile, and provide an important source of vitamins in autumn and winter when not much else is available.

Even though they’re hardy and relatively easy to grow, pears are different to many other fruit because most varieties don’t ripen on the tree. Without specialist knowledge your fruit might end up grainy or floury, go off too fast, or just not ripen at all!

After completing this course you’ll feel confident to prune and thin your pear and quince trees for abundant harvests of high quality fruit, and know how to identify, prevent and treat common pests and diseases like Pear and Cherry Slug and Black Spot (apple scab). You’ll also be able to enjoy your harvest with a range of preserving techniques and recipes to delight your family and impress your friends.

What’s included in this course:

  • Unit 1: Pruning apples and pears (article)
  • Unit 2: Thin apples and pears (video)
  • Unit 3: Spotlight on earwigs & garden weevils (article)
  • Unit 4a: Understand black spot (apple scab) (article)
  • Unit 4b: Explore black spot (apple scab) (activity)
  • Unit 5a: When should I pick my pears (article)
  • Unit 5b: When should I pick my quinces (article)
  • Unit 6a: Preserve quinces (article)
  • Unit 6b: Poached pears and pickled pears (recipes)
  • Unit 6c: Quince and hazelnut tart (recipe)
  • Unit 6d: Quince cake (recipe)
  • Unit 6e: Pear and custard tart (recipe)


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