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Welcome to the complete organic fruit growing resource centre! 

On this page you'll find our collection of more than 50 learning modules and our range of e-books to support your rapid journey to becoming a confident fruit grower! You can also access our free resources by clicking on "Free stuff" in the Module categories box.

The modules are bite-size learning chunks that are easy, fun and detailed. You can dip in and out at your own pace, and learn about any fruit growing topic—from soil nutrition and management, right through to harvest and eating. We’ll turn your enthusiasm and excellent gardening efforts into reliable results in no time.

The modules comprise between 6 and 20 units. No matter how you prefer to learn—reading, doing, listening—you'll find articles, audios, worksheets, videos and interactive hands-on activities to suit you. When you select and buy a module, you'll get instant access to all the units in that module.

Altogether, the modules make up the complete Grow Great Fruit system (if you want them all, check out the Grow Great Fruit Home-Study Program, which gives you access to all resources as well as one-on-one help from us).

So, to get started, you can browse all the learning modules here, or refine your search by selecting Module categories (topics) to help you find what you need.

Any queries, please get in touch here.

Happy growing. Hugh and Katie :)





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