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Learn to Love Your Weeds

Harness the positive power of weeds in your soil

Save time and money and improve the health of your soil by embracing the positive power of weeds, instead of constantly fighting a losing battle against them.

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Whaaaat? Love weeds? It may sound impossible, but this short course will help you appreciate and use the plants that grow under your fruit trees that you think of as problem weeds.

Most gardeners do endless battle with weeds, without understanding that Mother Nature provides all plants to heal the soil.

This short course will teach you the secret language of weeds that tells you valuable information about your soil at a glance. You’ll learn how weeds bring up nutrients from deep within the earth, protect the soil and provide homes and food for soil microbes.

Enjoy the relief of giving up the fight against weeds by learning how to manage and embrace them for the power of good. You’ll reap the benefits for your time, your wallet and the planet.

What’s included in this short course:

  • Unit 1a: Love your weeds (article)
  • Unit 1b: Build your weed database (activity)
  • Unit 2: Learn to love your weeds (video)
  • Unit 3a: Manage the understorey beneath your fruit trees (article)
  • Unit 3b: Manage the understorey beneath your fruit trees (audio)
  • Unit 4: Make safe herbal remedies from weeds in your garden (article)
  • Unit 5a: What are your weeds telling you? (article)
  • Unit 5b: What are your weeds telling you about your garden? (activity)
  • Unit 6: Free nutrition from weeds (article)
  • Unit 7: Fight climate change with weeds (article)
  • Unit 8: Get rid of problem weeds – if you must! (article)
  • Unit 9: Manage weeds around young fruit trees (article)

2 reviews for Learn to Love Your Weeds

  1. Cas O’Neill

    Thank you – a wonderful resource

  2. don & Sally Sims

    Great information

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