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A guide to pruning deciduous fruit trees 

The ebook starts with the parts of a fruit tree, basic aims of pruning, and the 10 Key Pruning Principles. We talk you through deciding what shape you want your tree to be, and give clear, concise instructions about how to care for your tree as it grows. There's also details on what to do with monster trees (the ones that got away!) and includes a wide variety of training systems.

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$49.95 incl. GST

Efficient Fruit Tree Irrigation

In this ebook we demystify watering, giving you the information needed to not only monitor your watering, but also set up a system that works, is efficient, makes the most of our most precious resource, and gives the best chance of getting a good return.

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$24.95 incl. GST

Common Insect Pests of Deciduous Fruit Trees

This handy ebook features more than 15 common pests of deciduous fruit trees including a description of each pest (with photos), the type of damage it does, its life cycle, what to look for, and a range of strategies for prevention, control and treatment.

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$39.95 incl. GST

Common Diseases of Deciduous Fruit Trees

This handy ebook will help you identify and treat more than 25 common diseases and conditions of deciduous fruit trees, including strategies for avoiding all the common diseases like Brown rot, Black spot (Apple scab) and Blossom blight. Colour photos will help you identify your fruit tree problems

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$39.95 incl. GST