Weed Therapy

Rethinking weeds as edible and medicinal herbs

Enjoy the many benefits of nature's bounty provided in your backyard. Tap into the wisdom of the past to learn how the plants you think of as weeds can actually be used as an abundant free source of nutritious food and home remedies. And they're good for your soil!

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Save work, time and money by changing the way you think about the weeds under your fruit treees to discover their many wonderful uses.

Contrary to popular belief, weeds are often doing more good than harm, and many of the plants we think of as weeds are also herbs that were once used routinely for cooking and making natural remedies.

Weeds are also nature's healers, and are astoundingly good for the soil under your fruit trees when used as a living mulch.

This course will help you rediscover lost knowledge about how to make the most of these abundantly available plants. In each unit you'll discover weeds that are edible, their known medicinal properties, and other clever ways to turn a problem into a handy resource.

The weeds included in this course are some of the most common that pop up in Australian gardens, and each has high-quality images to help with identification:

Weeds included in this course:

  • Unit 1: Cleavers
  • Unit 2: Milk thistle
  • Unit 3: Petty spurge
  • Unit 4: Plantain
  • Unit 5: Capeweed
  • Unit 6: Yorkshire fog grass
  • Unit 7: Wild radish
  • Unit 8: Oxalis
  • Unit 9: Knotgrass
  • Unit 10: Borage
  • Unit 11: Fat hen
  • Unit 12: Chickweed
  • Unit 13: Tansy
  • Unit 14: Yarrow
  • Unit 15: Ivy leaf speedwell
  • Unit 16: Blackberry
  • Unit 17: Catsear
  • Unit 18: Fumitory
  • Unit 19: Gorse
  • Unit 20: Great mullein
  • Unit 21: Marshmallow
  • Unit 22: Purslane
  • Unit 23: Hawthorn


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