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How to Grow Fruit in a Drought

Use earth’s precious resources wisely to grow food in dry climates

Growing fruit in dry conditions is hard—but not impossible. Producing your own food is even more important in a drought, so you’ll love learning how to use every precious drop to keep your fruit trees alive and fruitful.

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We learned how to keep our trees productive by growing fruit commercially through a 10-year drought, so we can teach you few tricks that will make all the difference between watching your trees wither and die, or growing a crop of fruit in really dry conditions.

For example, did you know that one of your most important assets in a drought is your soil, especially the amount of organic matter it contains? The more organic matter it has, the more water it can hold and make available to your fruit trees and other plants.

By the end of this short course you’ll know you how to measure the water-holding capacity of your soil, what organic matter is and how to add more, and how to safely harvest and use your household’s waste water.

What’s included in this short course:

  • Unit 1: Ten point drought action plan (article)
  • Unit 2: Grow fruit with limited water (article)
  • Unit 3: Measure your soil’s water-holding capacity (activity)
  • Unit 4: Set up a grey water system (article)
  • Unit 5: Water wise fruit trees (video)


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