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Natural Fertility for Fruit Trees

Feed your trees an organic diet

Apply knowledge about basic soil health to plan how to feed your fruit trees through the year, without breaking your budget or spending unnecessary money.

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OK, you know what healthy soil is, and you may even know you’re meant to build it—but what are you actually supposed to do?

With so many choices and so much conflicting advice about which fancy fertiliser to buy for your fruit trees, it can be overwhelming, not to mention a big strain on your wallet.

In this module you’ll plan an affordable and achievable seasonal nutrition plan for your fruit trees, and put it into action. Match what your trees need and what you have available to your capacity and budget, and turn theory into practise.

What’s included in this unit:

  • Unit 1: Natural fertility (article)
  • Unit 2a: Spring nutrition (article)
  • Unit 2b: Plan your spring nutrition (acitivity)
  • Unit 3: Nutrition through the year (article)
  • Unit 4a: Feeding your fruit trees to prepare for next season (article)
  • Unit 4b: Feeding fruit trees to prepare for next season (audio)
  • Unit 4c: Take a nutritional snapshot of your trees (activity)
  • Unit 5: Free nutrition from weeds (article)


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