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Drainage, Flooding & Fruit Trees

Build resilience with good drainage and a flood recovery plan

In an increasingly changeable world, extreme rain events (and even floods) are more likely, and fruit trees can easily die if their roots become too wet. Prevent the tragedy of drowned trees with good drainage and a flood strategy.

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Many fruit trees are vulnerable to “wet feet”, and depending on your climate and soil type you may need to install drainage to successfully grow trees.

Even in dry or arid climates, occasional soil flooding can still happen, even without your trees being immersed. Despite living half way up a mountain we’ve experienced first-hand the pain of losing fruit trees to a wet season, and developed this course to help others plan for the worst and avoid the unnecessary pain of dead trees.

After completing it you’ll understand whether your soil drains well, be able to decide whether you need to improve it, and have a flood recovery plan in place.

What’s included in this course:

  • Unit 1a: Getting drainage right (article)
  • Unit 1b: Getting drainage right (audio)
  • Unit 1c: How good is your drainage (activity)
  • Unit 2a: Help your soil recover from flooding (article)
  • Unit 2b: Help your soil recover from flooding (audio)


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