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Thanks for visiting. We’re here to help you grow fruit that tastes as amazing as you remember from your childhood. And to help you create the abundant fruit trees you dream of.  Imagine … delicious, organic, tree-ripened fruit outside your back door that’s yours for the picking. And a pantry full of preserved fruit to last all year long.  Gardening is easy, but growing fruit needs a bit of specialist knowledge – so let’s get you started.

Growing your own food is becoming incredibly popular. And no wonder – it’s really satisfying, is great for the earth, and it’s fun. Tuning in to your primal urge to grow food nourishes your soul. It also does wonders for your mental and physical health.
Plus, growing your own food can save a lot of money. It can also give you independence, when the world around you is going a bit crazy!
But so many gardeners are struggling with a lack of skills and confidence. Our grandparents knew how to grow their own fruit, but in just a couple of generations the knowledge has been all but lost…  And so, most people rely on bought fruit. Quality, nutritional content and flavour have gone down, and health problems and obesity have gone up.  Industrial agriculture (“big ag”) is one of the world’s biggest climate-change polluters.
You’re probably here because you want to change all that … but you’re not sure how. Even experienced vegetable gardeners struggle to get good results from their fruit growing. We’re here to help you with that.

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 Get started by browsing the topics in our blog including popular posts on Apricot trees, pruning fruit trees, leaf curl and much more.

From designing your home orchard, to knowing what normal fruit trees should look like, to identifying bugs on your trees – our hundreds of posts will answer most of your questions and we’re adding more all the time.

“As a permaculture trainer, I really appreciate the comprehensive set of fruit growing e-books, courses and other resources that Katie and Hugh have put together. I direct my students to their material as I believe it is the best place to learn how to grow great fruit. The resources cover all aspects of fruit growing and management from the soil up – with a wholistic context, and without the use of industrial chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides. Not only do Katie and Hugh have many years of practical experience running an organic orchard, they also spend time updating their own knowledge through research, experimentation, and visits and networking with other growers. I consider them experts in their field – and they are able to impart this knowledge in a clear and engaging manner!”

— Beck Lowe, Cydonia Permaculture

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The best place to start (for beginners and experienced gardeners alike) is with our free online webinars—Five Key Steps to Quick Success with Fruit Trees and Organic Pest and Disease Control for Fruit Trees. The webinars go for about 1.5 hours and cover all the basics—soil health, irrigation, pruning, organic pest and disease control, and garden planning. Oh, and they are also a great place to get personal answers to your fruit tree questions.

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Need more detailed information? Visit our Online Course Library. Here you can browse 50+ short courses on topics like building healthy soil through to pruning ‘monster’ fruit trees.


Or, if you’re ready for some next-level commitment (and want unlimited hands-on, personalised help from us along the way), join our Grow Great Fruit program. In this 12-month program you’ll learn the principles of fruit growing and the full range of skills you need for a lifetime of fruit growing. And yes, you’ll learn how to prune! During the course you’ll also be applying those skills to your individual situation so you’ll finish up with a personalised fruit growing manual.


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