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The Fundamentals of Soil Masterclass

Imagine … it’s possible to heal our agricultural soils.

What would that look like? What ecological processes would we need to activate? What practices would be required? Where would we start and how would we know we were making progress?

In this 90 minute online Masterclass (plus some incredible extra resources), guest presenter Dr Christine Jones explains exactly what soil needs in order to thrive, have high water-holding capacity and support highly nutritious crops and pastures.

Dr Jones is an acknowledged world leader on this topic. This Masterclass is a rare opportunity to spend a couple of hours hearing directly from Christine about soil fundamentals, and then delve deep into the detailed written answers Christine supplied after the live event.

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Research has shown that plants, animals and soils function at their best when living in symbiotic relationships with a wide diversity of microbes from many different functional groups. For this reason, our vineyards, orchards, vegetable gardens, crops and pastures are much more productive – and have fewer pests and diseases – when growing in biodiverse soil.

The key question is, how do we create microbially rich environments around plant roots, as well as within plant leaves, stems, flowers, fruits and seeds?

And how do we build on these relationships from year to year, creating consistent improvement in plant productivity, rather than the downward spiral frequently seen in many of today’s agricultural soils?

During this presentation Christine clearly explains the symbiotic relationships and feedback loops that enable the performance of crops and pastures to be markedly enhanced when plant diversity and biostimulants are used in place of synthetic fertiliser.

She also explains how the interactions between plants and microbes enable organic nitrogen and organic carbon to build rapidly in healthy soils.

Who will benefit from watching this Masterclass?

​​​​​​The Fundamentals of Soil is the perfect starting place for those beginning their exciting journey into regen ag. There are some simple steps you can take to activate the life in your soil and stimulate plant growth.

It also contains new insights for those already well down the track. For example, an explanation of how quorum sensing facilitates N-fixing in the absence of legumes.

Or you might simply be curious about how plants extract genetic material from the soil microbiome to help fight pests and diseases and tolerate stresses such as frost, drought and salinity.

This on-line masterclass consists of a 45-minute presentation followed by 45 minutes of Q&A. Plus you get access to a 36 page document with Christine’s written replies to every question.

By the end of this webinar you will:
* Have a deeper understanding of how soil functions
* Understand how to activate key ecological processes
* Know where to start and how to track your progress in repairing your soil
* Be armed with simple and effective practices for establishing thriving species-rich plant communities
* Know how to stop the never-ending fight against weeds.

About Dr. Christine Jones

The guest presenter on the webinar Dr Christine Jones has a PhD in soil biochemistry and has gained international recognition as a speaker, presenting at workshops, field days, seminars and conferences throughout Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Western Europe, Central America, the United States and Canada.

In her long career Christine has published more than 50 scientific papers on soil science. ​​She has a wealth of experience working with innovative landholders to implement regenerative land management practices. Christine is a member of Arizona State University’s ‘Carbon Nation Team’ and sits on the advisory board of ‘The Carbon Underground’.

What’s included in this Masterclass

When you buy the Masterclass, you’ll be sent a link and password that will give you access to:

  • A recording of the 2 hour Masterclass
  • The slide presentation from the live session, with additional bonus slides
  • A 36-page PDF containing Christine’s detailed answers to all the questions that were asked during the webinar

Please note: After purchase you will have ongoing access to view the resources online, however the files are not downloadable.

2 reviews for The Fundamentals of Soil Masterclass

  1. Angela Higgins

    Expanded my knowledge and inspired me to keep going in this direction.

  2. Rachelle Armstrong

    This was a fantastic presentation with Q&A. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to change and/or look further into the principles and practices of regenerative agriculture. Christine gives the science and the experiential knowledge from working closely with farmers.

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