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Plant New Fruit Trees the Right Way

Choose the right trees, prepare the site and plant properly

It’s important to set your fruit trees up for success. Luckily it’s also easy, when you know what to do! Learn how to choose the right site and the right trees, get your soil ready, and plant properly to give your trees the head start they deserve.

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Fruit trees start life with a very small root system, so it makes sense to plant them in a welcoming environment, with good soil structure, good drainage, and readily available nutrient while their roots get established.

Choosing the right trees, the right site, and preparing your soil in advance will give your trees a massive head start and make them more resilient in later years.

This module will give you the key information and skills to give your trees the best possible start in life, plus a step-by-step “how to” guide to best practice fruit tree planting.

What’s included in this module:

  • Unit 1: Get ready to plant new trees (article)
  • Unit 2: Prepare your soil for winter planting of new trees (video)
  • Unit 3: How to choose good trees from a nursery (article)
  • Unit 4: Plant your trees properly for the best start in life (article)
  • Unit 5: How to prune a fruit tree when planting (video)
  • Unit 6: How to plant a bare-rooted fruit tree (video)



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