Queensland Fruit Fly Resource Pack – FREE!

The tools you need to protect your crops from the dreaded Queensland fruit fly

Queensland fruit fly can be incredibly destructive to fruit and vegetable crops, and demoralising to growers. But it can be beaten! This free resource pack will give you a complete "tool box" of tricks to beat this pesky and persistent pest.

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Queensland fruit fly is the main fruit fly pest species that damages intact fruit on the tree (some other common species only attack damaged fruit). It is responsible for millions of dollars of damage to commercial crops every year.

Unfortunately, the outbreaks often begin in backyards, so it’s every backyard grower’s responsibility to understand, prevent and control this pest. It can be incredibly demoralising, and even scary, to face a pest that seems so insidious and successful, but rest assured, there ARE solutions.

With a combination of knowledge, understanding, and a range of different techniques, after completing this course you’ll be able to confidently protect your crops and maintain your food security, while ensuring you’re not providing a fruit fly breeding ground that could impact on commercial farmers.

What’s included in this course:

  • Unit 1: Fruit fly best practise notes (article)
  • Unit 2: Seasonal calendar of backyard jobs (calendar)
  • Unit 3: Ernie the fruit fly (videos)
  • Unit 4: Spotlight on fruit fly (article)

4 reviews for Queensland Fruit Fly Resource Pack – FREE!

  1. geoff darr

    To learn about these pests and the damage they can do will reward your growing enterprise immensely

  2. geoff darr

    Great information how to protect your precious fruit from these destructive pests

  3. Shirley Tan

    Very good information.

  4. Sami Ullah


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