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Perfect Peaches

How to care for your peach trees from pruning through to harvest

OK, who has a special peach or nectarine memory? These versatile fruits are a popular garden tree for very good reason—with the right care (at the right time) they’ll provide abundant crops of delicious fruit year after year.

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Peach and nectarine trees are usually robust, and are a wonderful inclusion in small gardens (or any garden for that matter) because they are self-fertile. The huge range of varieties can provide a long harvest up to 5 months, and the fruit stores well. It’s also very versatile when it comes to cooking and preserving.

And yet peach and nectarine trees are often misunderstood, badly pruned or neglected, leading to small fruit, diseased trees, broken branches, or worst of all—no fruit at all, which is a frustrating and expensive waste of your time and resources.

After completing this course you’ll understand how and when to monitor your trees for common diseases like Brown Rot and Leaf Curl, and how to prevent them with safe organic sprays. You’ll also learn how to pick your fruit at the peak time without damaging it and learn how to bottle (can) your peaches using common equipment found in most kitchens.

This course also includes recipes you’re unlikely to find anywhere else. (Note: for specialised information about how to prune peach trees check out the “Imagine…easy pruning” module.)

What’s included in this course:

  • Unit 1a: Spotlight on leaf curl (article)
  • Unit 1b: Monitor for budswell to prevent leaf curl (activity)
  • Unit 2: Thin your apricots peaches and plums (video)
  • Unit 3a: Spotlight on brown rot (article)
  • Unit 3b: Write a brown rot management plan (activity)
  • Unit 4a: Picking care and storage of peaches and nectarines (article)
  • Unit 4b: Picking peaches (video)
  • Unit 5a: Preserve peaches and nectarines (article)
  • Unit 5b: Peach chutney (recipe)
  • Unit 5c: Wheat-free peach cake (recipe)
  • Unit 5d: Peachy crumble (recipe)
  • Unit 6a: Use the fruit tree diary (activity)
  • Unit 6b: Fruit Tree Diary (resource)


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