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How to Grow Citrus Masterclass

Organic citrus growing tips from professional growers

A lemon tree is one of the most loved backyard fruit trees, and one of the most useful trees you can grow. Learn how to look after all your citrus trees with this informative masterclass, and then make the most of your harvest with the bonus recipes.

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Citrus trees (especially lemons) are kind of ordinary and common, and mostly just seem to look after themselves—and yet they also spark more interest and questions than any other fruit tree type. Should you prune them? When? What should you feed them with? Can you grow them organically? How do you manage citrus gall wasp? Do they need pollinising? How much water do they require? And so on…

This citrus masterclass is presented by experienced organic orchardist, Humphrey Howie, from iconic Fat Goose Fruits orchard in South Australia. We were lucky enough to get Humphrey to present at length and answer our questions on all things citrus, from rootstocks and site selection through to planting, pruning, feeding, choosing the right varieties and plenty more. Settle in and prepare to learn everything you ever wanted to know about growing organic citrus, plus more.

This short course also includes classic citrus recipes including preserved lemons and cumquat marmalade.

What’s included in this course:

  • Unit 1: Citrus masterclass (video)
  • Unit 2: Two delicious ways to cook cumquats (recipe)
  • Unit 3: Preserved lemons (recipe)
  • Unit 4: Cumquat marmalade (recipe)


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