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Fruit Tree Thinning

The one key spring activity for your fruit tree that has four major benefits. 

Manage your crop load by fruit thinning like a pro. Use this easy tool to get a reliable crop every year (and solve a host of other problems to boot). Your trees, your fruit and your future crops will thank you. Fruit thinning is winning!

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Does your fruit tree sometimes take a year off? Do you have a heavy crop one year, followed by a light crop (or worse, no fruit at all) the year after? Most gardeners don’t know that this problem is often easy to prevent with this one cool and simple technique.

Professional fruit growers know that fruit thinning is one of the most important gardening tricks available. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the least understood or used by small-scale growers, which results in uneven crops, small fruit, broken branches, and unnecessary pest and disease problems.

In this short course you’ll learn how this simple, once-a-year task will massively increase your food security by learning how to balance out the heavy and light years to get a crop every year. The course explains how to “trick” your fruit trees into bearing good crops consistently, and includes a detailed chart to help you work out exactly how much fruit to remove from every tree in your garden, no matter its age, size, or how much fruit it has each year. Practical video demonstrations on different fruit types will give you the confidence to add fruit thinning to your fruit tree care regime.

What’s included in this course:

  • Unit 1: Four good reasons for thinning (article)
  • Unit 2: How much fruit should I remove from my trees (article)
  • Unit 3: How much fruit should I remove from my trees (video)
  • Unit 4a: Fruit thinning chart
  • Unit 4b: Write your thinning plan (activity)
  • Unit 4c: Secret to stopping fruit tree branches breaking (video)
  • Unit 5: Thinning different types of trees (article)
  • Unit 6: Thinning apricots peaches and plums (video)
  • Unit 7: Thinning apples and pears (video)
  • Unit 8: How to thin apples (video)
  • Unit 9: Prune out diseased wood while you’re thinning (article)
  • Unit 10: Prune while you’re thinning (video)
  • Unit 11: Is it too late to thin (article)
  • Unit 12: Fruit thinning – the secret to picking a great crop every year (article)