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Fabulous Fruit Preserving

Save money with home grown and hand made

Fresh fruit is healthy and full of vitamins, especially if you’ve grown it yourself, using organic methods.

Learn how to preserve and store fruit to eat over winter without losing all those wonderful life-giving nutrients.

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Preserving fruit to eat out of season is a life skill that is largely forgotten, but couldn’t be more important in this age of fast food, low nutrition and tight budgets.

Learn how to massively increase your family’s access to affordable organic food by filling your pantry with nutrient-dense preserves.

This module includes detailed “how to” instructions for all the preserving methods, including freezing, drying, jams and pickles, and bottling (canning). The focus is on using the gear you already have, or building simple equipment—not on buying expensive appliances.

You’ll have fun, improve your family’s diet, impress your friends and family, and best of all, save loads of money!

What’s included in this module:

  • Unit 1: Preserve summer fruit (article)
  • Unit 2: Perfect preserving – freezing fruit (article)
  • Unit 3: Jam fancy (article)
  • Unit 4: Preserve quinces (article)
  • Unit 5: Preserve cherries for health (article)
  • Unit 6: “Nanna technology”: Make a cherry pitter from a fork (activity)
  • Unit 7a: Perfect dried apricots (article)
  • Unit 7b: Build a fruit dehydrator (activity)
  • Unit 7c: “Nanna technology”: Fruit drying (article)
  • Unit 8: Preserving peaches & nectarines (article)
  • Unit 9: Preserving plums (article)
  • Unit 10: Cleaning out the pantry (article)
  • Unit 11: Plan to reduce your food waste (activity)


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