Compost That Works

Make your own "black gold"

Learn how to make your own high quality, reliable compost—every time! Turn garden waste, food scraps, animal waste and even newspaper and cardboard into nutritious compost full of organic matter, nutrients and healthy soil microbes.

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Really great, well-made compost is one of the cornerstones of organic food production. The trouble is it is almost impossible to buy, as commercial compost and soil are often relatively sterile or low in nutrition.

Lots of people have tried making their own, with little success—it ends up smelly, too dry, slimy, or it just attracts rodents and other pests.

In this module you'll learn about eight different compost systems and their pros and cons, and how to choose the right one for you.

There's plenty of details about making awesome hot compost, how to get the ratio of ingredients right, and even some handy examples to help you work it out. Includes which materials to use, troubleshooting and how to tell when your compost is finished.

What's included in this unit:

  • Unit 1: Choose the right compost system (article)
  • Unit 2: Compost and why we use it (video)
  • Unit 3: Build a hot compost pile (activity)


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