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Compost bundle

Learn how to feed your fruit trees by making compost and compost tea, and having a worm farm in your garden.

This bundle of short courses will give you all the skills you need to turn “waste” into amazing fertiliser for your fruit trees. Good soil forms the basis of a great organic garden, and these are all the skills you need to create amazingly healthy soil, without spending any money at all!

$57.00 incl. GST


$19.00 incl. GST
$19.00 incl. GST


Making your own compost is an age-old technique that should be in the toolbox of every organic gardener. Combine it with harnessing the power of the worm, and your soil will become rich and fertile. The food you grow will be nutrient-dense, and more resistant to both pests and diseases.

Then go next level and learn how to make compost tea to supercharge the process. Turn worm castings into a liquid soil conditioner that is thousands of times more microbe-rich, and speed up your soil health even more.


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