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Soil Biology and the Soil Food Web

Become an earth lover by unlocking the secret world of microbes beneath your feet

Understand the amazing world of soil microbes that are key to the Natural Fertility System, and how to make your soil a welcoming home to healthy microbes (and not the nasties).

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Microbes are often maligned, misunderstood and feared (just look at the number of ads for hand sanitizer), but science is revealing the crucial role they play in human gut health and the connection to healthy microbes in the soil where we grow our food.

This short course will help you understand what it really means to create diverse, healthy and microbe-rich soil! Meet the different players, understand the roles they play, and learn how to create the right conditions to favour the good guys and banish the baddies.

Have fun immersing yourself in the vast and teeming world beneath your feet!

What’s included in this short course:

  • Unit 1a: Soil fungi and why we love them (article)
  • Unit 1b: Soil fungi and why we love them (audio)
  • Unit 2a: Understand soil bacteria (article)
  • Unit 2b: Understand soil bacteria (audio)
  • Unit 3: Nematodes friend or foe (article)
  • Unit 4: Understand the mysterious world of protozoa (article)
  • Unit 5: Learn about actinobacteria (article)
  • Unit 6a: Appreciate soil arthropods the shredders in the soil (article)
  • Unit 6b: Do a survey of your soil arthropods (activity)
  • Unit 7: Learn the benefits of ants (article)
  • Unit 8a: Explore the soil food web (article)
  • Unit 8b: Understand the soil food web (activity)

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