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Altogether, the courses make up the complete Grow Great Fruit system. If you want to become a pro fruit grower as quickly as possible, the Grow Great Fruit Home-Study Program may suit you better.

The short courses cover all fruit growing topics—the focus is on results, and helping you turn enthusiasm and effort into reliable and delicious crops of fruit, every year.

The courses have between 6 and 20 units. No matter how you prefer to learn—reading, doing, listening—you'll find articles, audios, worksheets, videos and interactive hands-on activities to suit you. When you select and buy a course, you'll get instant access to all the units in that course.

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The Bee Bundle includes everything you need to understand how to create a beautiful, biodiverse garden that will naturally attract bees and other pollinators.

Attracting bees to your garden will help to pollinate your fruit trees and grow better crops. But growing a mixture of flowering plants also helps you and your garden in other ways. The resources in the Bee Bundle will help you to:

  • attract beneficial predator insects that help to keep pests under control;
  • improve diversity in your diet by growing edible flowering plants under your fruit trees;
  • understand the amazing connections between fruit trees and the plants, soil, and microbes that grow beneath them;
  • choose flowering plants that are best suited to your climate;
  • add to your fruit tree collection to ensure every tree has the right polliniser "buddy".
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$44.00 incl. GST

Imagine ... it's possible to heal our agricultural soils.

What would that look like? What ecological processes would we need to activate? What practices would be required? Where would we start and how would we know we were making progress?

In this 90 minute online Masterclass (plus some incredible extra resources), guest presenter Dr Christine Jones explains exactly what soil needs in order to thrive, have high water-holding capacity and support highly nutritious crops and pastures.

Dr Jones is an acknowledged world leader on this topic. This Masterclass is a rare opportunity to spend a couple of hours hearing directly from Christine about soil fundamentals, and then delve deep into the detailed written answers Christine supplied after the live event.

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$29.00 incl. GST