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Click on the images to download the three bonus resources

Bonus 1:  Fruit Tree Organic Spray Program

This handy calendar summarises the main preventive sprays you need to do for your fruit trees. Understand which pests and diseases you need to prevent or treat, which sprays are safe and recommended to use in organic gardens, and when to spray for maximum effectiveness.

Bonus 2:  Companion Planting: 100 Plants That Grow Well with Fruit Trees

Fruit trees love to grow with other plants, but which ones work best? This guide lists more than 100 plants that play nicely with your fruit trees in a variety of climates. Use it to help create a food forest, design plant guilds for your garden, or create a living understory for your fruit trees.

Bonus 3: Fruit Picking Dates


A reference guide of usual picking dates for more than 60 common fruit varieties. This guide can be used as a planning tool when deciding which trees to plant to avoid gluts and plan for continuous harvests. It will also keep you on track to ensure all your fruit is picked at the optimum time.


Interactive PDF Workbook to accompany
the three online sessions – AVAILABLE NOW
(click on the image to download your copy)

Session 1: Monitoring, irrigation, animals, thinning

Session 1 video replay

Session 1 chat log Download here

Session 2: Pests & diseases, nutrition, young trees, grafting

Session 2 video replay

Session 2 chat log Download here

Session 3: Pruning, harvesting, weed control, managing risk, Q&A

Session 3 video replay

Download Session 3 Chat log

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