Later winter merges quickly into spring, so it’s the time to be paying attention to putting preventive organic fungicides on your fruit trees, as they can really make a difference to your success. We provide a suggested spray program you can use as a basis to create a tailored program to suit your garden or orchard.

It’s also the perfect time of year to indulge in the winter-warming activity of making your own hot compost pile. And on the topic of soil improvement, you can’t go past planting a spring green manure crop, or replacing weeds under your fruit trees with more useful plants – we include plant lists to help get you on your way.

We also wrap up the last of the seasonal jobs you need to know to successfully grow your own fruit trees.

And that’s your lot! You now have the complete set of information you need to successfully grow organic fruit.

But remember, information alone won’t grow delicious organic fruit – you need to actually DO IT! If you think you’ll need extra support to put it all in place, remember we also offer the 52 week Grow Great Fruit Organic Home Study Program. You can check it out here.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Organic Short Course, and wish you every luck with your fruit trees.

Happy harvests!

Katie and Hugh