The Grow Great Fruit Organic Short Course starts here, in early spring, because that’s when the soil, the trees, and the natural world is waking up from winter slumber, and things start moving. It’s a very active time in the garden and you need to be on the alert – so it’s a great time to start the journey of learning how to care for your fruit trees.

Spring is an excellent time to practise getting in the habit of regularly monitoring your fruit trees. You need to pay close attention to the weather, particularly watching for any predicted rainy spells to make sure you keep your trees protected from fungal disease. When the sun’s out, you need to be watching for bees and other pollinating insects, and there’s lots of preventive actions you can start to put in place to protect your trees and fruit later in the season.

It’s all covered in Week 1: Early Spring. ┬áRead, learn, absorb and enjoy!

Happy harvest!

Katie & Hugh