Gung hoe digging bed-490x367

As I step into the cold air and the icy wind I shiver and walk towards the patch.  Sas and I have been tag teaming lately with leaving town, and now she’s away.  I miss working with her and notice the difference from the power of two to one!  As I walk around observing whats growing, I am filled with admiration for the green things in the ground.  For example, the broad beans; it’s bloody cold and yet they are still growing roots and bursting leaves into the outer world.  I never tire of the energy which one single seed contains.  As I continue to walk around I see the sweetpea shoots becoming tiny tendrils and the snowpeas just poking through the earth looking for the sun.  It’s so exciting!

Gung hoe bend weeding-471x628

They’re growing in a bed that a friend came out to help dig.  They will continue to grow up the fence that another friend helped us build.  The tools which I am about to use we bought thanks to an amazingly generous donation.  The land we are on has been made accessible to us by Katie and Hugh.  The garlic looks well weeded because another friend wanted to help, and I can rest easy knowing that the seedlings are safe from frost or hungry bugs in the glasshouse thanks to our friends at The Healing Well.
Gung hoe seedlings-490x367
I walk around acknowledging and feeling incredibly grateful for all the combined efforts that have got us here.  The support continues and even though its cold and slow, this is the time to take stock, and relish the season.  Winter can look grey and empty, but so many things are happening under the surface.
Like the seed in the soil, all the belief and enthusiasm and helping hands are giving us strong roots to pursue our dream.  Corny, I know, but completely true.  So thankyou. Thankyou.  Thankyou.
Now, I gotta go dig!!