Well, this has been a fun week!katie-at-desk-295x393

I’ve had the most fantastic goal-setting session this week, with one of the wonderful women who has offered to be a mentor for the project. Wow – talk about inspirational!

Clare got me to step back from the detailed project planning for a minute, and focus on the big picture – why am I doing the project, why did I apply for the award, and, most importantly, where do I want to be by the end of the project? And she insisted I be very specific!

What a great process…I must admit my thinking had become a little fuzzy (more on that later), but having to articulate the outcomes I’m trying to achieve helped me focus. It sounds pretty obvious, but if you start with the end in sight it’s easier to plan, to make decisions about whether to say yes or no to opportunities that come up, and to create opportunities that will help you get there. Goal setting 101!

My planning session also left me feeling very inspired about the possibilities of what I can achieve this year. I’m thinking like a bee (do bees think?) and imagining tapping into the ‘hive’ potential of the network of farmers that are around each farmers market. Getting farmers to tell their stories and connect with their community using social media is just the beginning. The magic happens (I hope!) by introducing the multiplier effect of working collaboratively – farmers and farmers markets together to connect with an exponentially growing audience!

And after my session with Clare, I now have a much clearer idea of exactly what I’m trying to achieve – how many markets I want to work with (2), how many farmers I want involved (at least 20 at each market), and how to know if the strategy is working (by measuring attendance at the markets). Awesome.

But you know what really excites me about the Award? (I know, I’m excitable, right?) The idea that a woman somewhere will hear me speak at some event about how social media and farmers markets gave us back control over our business, and go home that night and say to her partner… “I heard this woman talking today, and I think we could do what’s she’s doing.”  Now that would be satisfying.

So, back to the fuzzy thinking I’d been experiencing earlier in the week…apparently there’s a thing called ‘Imposter Syndrome’ – have you heard of it? I hadn’t, until Clare told me about it. It’s not uncommon (apparently) for people (particularly women) to feel like an imposter when they’re promoted or thrust into the limelight, or … they win an Award. Aha!  Here’s a link if you want to know more about it. If you’ve had feelings of being a fraud, or undeserving of your success, it’s worth a read. Thankfully I’ve recovered quickly, thanks to a neat little reframe Clare did for me.  It’s simple really – the congratulations and accolades that have come flooding in are a beautiful expression of goodwill from my community, pleased for me that I won something! Separate to that is the fact that I’m lucky enough to be able to use this Award over the next 12 months to achieve my goals. I don’t plan to waste another minute feeling that I don’t deserve to be here, I’m taking this ball and running with it. There’s only 49 weeks left, and I’ve got a lot to get done!

This week I’ve

  • been goal setting, both for the Rural Women’s Award project and all the other projects I’m working on
  • met with Linnet the lovely communications manager from Castlemaine Farmers Market to discuss CFM being my country pilot market
  • met with the lovely folk at Melbourne Farmers Markets to choose a pilot market in Melbourne
  • agreed to an interview request by the Australian Fruitgrower magazine
  • agreed to a speaking request by Castlemaine’s U3A group
  • followed up an offer to attend an Internet Business conference

Thanks to RIRDC for supporting rural women (and me!) through the Rural Women’s Award

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