Good morning!
Even though we are past the shortest day and summer (yes, not even spring!) feels just around the corner, we are still in the depths of winter.  At Gung Hoe we are still weeding and, as it’s been so dry, we are still watering too.
It really is this time of year where we have to make ourselves relish the slowness of the patch and use our time for the things we wouldn’t normally.  It’s funny.  It makes me (Mel) realise just how human and ridiculous I am having to acknowledge the tricky time I have with the slow (even though I truly savour it).
So there’s not much to report, which kind of sums up this time of year! But not for long – the next few weeks see us visiting a whole bunch of other farms, so there will be stories and learning to share a-plenty I have no doubt!
And don’t forget, we are still on the lookout for somebody to lease the organic orchard which is currently Mt Alexander Fruit Gardens!  The next few months see us planning and visioning and figuring out how to work as a team of independent enterprises on the same land, under the same roof. It’s really exciting and a whole new level of learning and working together.  Please share this around!
As the leeks are slowly turning into blades rather than green tubes and the garlic is growing bulbous without us even seeing, may we also be shifting and growing in all the good ways.
Once the weeds are under control, sit back and have a cuppa and enjoy it.
Grow well,
Mel n Sas