Nine months into this growing adventure and a new year is a knocking. Our tomatoes are all in and staked and the first of their fruits are ripening, the first baby cucumber is coyly growing beyond the veil of its leaves, and the beans are flowering purple and white as they reach ever higher for the next string on their trellis. All the beds have been freshly composted and there are green babies coming up in the hot house ready for our next plantings, but the to-do list isn’t getting any shorter.


Almost every day that we’re working in the garden, at some point one of us will look back over what we’ve just finished doing, sigh deeply and say, “We’re getting there.” It’s a statement that has embedded in it a sense of satisfaction and a peripheral awareness of the never ending ‘to-do’ list. In that moment we try to forget the list and bask in the glory of one thing ticked off it.


The statement is often followed up with, “where ever ‘there’ might be!” And I guess that kind of sums up this whole adventure pretty well.  Beyond the day-to-day doing, the digging, and picking and weeding and planting, beyond our crop rotation plans and propagation cycles, we’re not really sure where ‘there’ is or if there even is a definitive ‘there’ . The plants, weather, insects, market and our lives don’t necessarily agree even with our best made plans and so the ‘there’ remains elusive. All we know is we’re getting somewhere and having a lot of fun and learning a hell of a lot along the way.


Part of the fun is not knowing where we’ll end up and being flexible and responsive enough to turn the challenges that arise into unforeseen opportunities or ‘happy surprises’. Like the radishes that we didn’t harvest because we were too attached to them. They went to seed and we thought it was a wasted crop but then we discovered how yummy the seed pods were and sold them instead!

Wherever you are, may your new year be full of ‘happy surprises’ and adventures without a known destination.


Sas and Mel