Hi there!

Just a disclaimer before you go any further: This is more of a diary entry than a blog…

I (Mel) fell in love with working with and in the earth for many reasons, but I do remember one moment when I began to see lots of parallels to being human and the way the earth moves. I saw in winter how nice it was to hibernate, and take stock, as it seems plants are doing also. They are ever growing, even if it doesn’t look it on the outside. I like to think of carrots…they’re getting sweet and juicy under there, but you’d never know. Trees are still flowing with life even though they look dead. It’s when you can work on them without too much harm (eg, pruning, transplanting).


I believe when we live in awareness with the plants and animals around us, the moon, the changing daylight hours, we also live and feel the earth’s seasons. But we also have our own human seasons. Seasons, or chapters we can call them, of joy, growth, pain, acceptance, learning… We could make a list a day long!

I’m not sure yet what this chapter I’m in shall be called, but for me it’s been new territory. It’s been a big year. Both Sas and I had very hard work lives last year which left us a bit worn to say the least, then earlier this year a good friend suicided, close friends had some big life issues to deal with and there’s recently been a family death—it’s all seemed a bit big to handle sometimes.


My resilience feels naught and things that aren’t really a big deal or stressful make me wanna melt into a puddle and slide away.

The reason I’m sharing all this is because sometimes media just shows us the good, happy and ‘successful’ things and I don’t think it’s always helpful or real. It can make us think if we’re not those things then we’re failing. Not true!

Sas and I took winter slow at the patch so we could work hard at our off-farm jobs to try and save $, but it’s been a hard juggle and what’s real has been the consistent support and belief from our friends, families and community in us both as people and our vision.

Thanks to some of that support shown in monetary means, we had a whole paid week at the patch this week. Despite the rotten weather we got stuck in and started on all the jobs we’ve wanted to do but they haven’t had our priority due to lack of time. (There’s an important lesson just in that!)


It’s felt so good working with the earth again for a decent amount of days and observing things I hadn’t seen for months that brought back magic moments of realisations. For example, of course when you work the earth different weeds come up due to the land’s history, compaction, water, cultivation techniques, etc. etc. A year on, where we’ve worked there are different and less weeds coming up; these tell us about the health of the soil. You can only observe this over time and with conscious involvement with where you are working. The health and resilience of the soil requires us to pay attention to everything!

This is much like us as humans—over time different weeds come up that tell us how we’re going. They are signs to observe and listen to in order to take real care of ourselves. They can also show us the history of what we’ve learnt, the work we’ve done and the learning we’re in the process of, just like looking at weeds in the patch.

After a solid day of picking yesterday Sas and I felt the sunshine on our faces, the dirt under our nails and a renewed sense of hope. We are gonna be ok as humans and we are able to get that patch back into shape and looking beautiful and it’s really productive!! It just required a bit more time, not just to keep it going, but to do all the maintenance too (can you read the age old realisation in that statement?!).

Our sweet peas are abundant, the broadies and snowpeas are a small forest in their own right, the bees have lots of flowers for food… There is life and we are in it!! Thanks again for all the support out there.

May you nourish yourselves and your own seasons,

Mel n Sas.