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help you create the abundant fruit trees you dream of. Imagine … delicious, organic, tree-ripened fruit outside your back door that’s yours for the picking. And a pantry full of preserved fruit to last all year long.

Growing your own food is becoming incredibly popular. And no wonder – it’s really satisfying, is great for the earth, and it’s fun. Tuning in to your primal urge to grow food nourishes your soul. It also does wonders for your mental and physical health.

Plus, growing your own food can save a lot of money, and give you independence when the world around you is going a bit crazy!

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Hi, we’re
Hugh & Katie Finlay

and we’re passionate about making abundant, free organic fruit a reality for all.

Nestled at the foot of Leanganook (Mount Alexander) in central Victoria, our orchards are planted in the old-fashioned way, with small plantings of over 100 varieties. That gives us an extended harvest of fresh fruit for almost 6 months of the year.

Using careful planning, top-notch tree care, good storage, and a range of preserving techniques, our place is a working demonstration of how to keep your family supplied with home-grown organic fruit all year round!

Will You Be Our Next Success Story?


Our Grandparents Knew How To Grow Fruit but in just a couple of generations, the knowledge has been all but lost. Many gardeners are struggling with a lack of skills and confidence.

And so, most people rely on bought fruit. Quality, nutritional content, and flavour have gone down, and health problems are on the rise. People are yearning for self-sufficiency, but they don’t know how to make their dreams a reality.

You’re probably here because you want to grow your own fruit, but you’re not sure how. Even experienced vegetable gardeners struggle to get good results from their fruit growing.

We’re here to help you create this sort of success …

At each stage of our project (starting a home orchard from scratch) we have hit road blocks which have made us stop and think, what are our end goals, what are the immediate problems, what are our options for solving the problems and then what are we going to choose to implement in order to solve the problems.

We have been thankful for Hugh and Katie’s (Grow Great Fruit mentors) knowledge and support through the challenges, and being able to put the knowledge we have been gaining from our Grow Great Fruit Members course into action.

Nathan and Anna, Victoria

I signed up for the weekly tips and watched the webinar. Was bit skeptic to sign up to your program but decided to have a go. WISH I DONE IT YEARS AGO I CAN’T THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR YOUR HELP!!!
Bozena, NSW

We had little experience in growing fruit trees… bought a property with 100+ various fruit trees. This was our third year with no success until I learnt of your product. Our property flooded during winter and the hot weather came a little later in the season. Fruit fly and cockies stayed away so all these were a bonus but I followed all your valuable advice and our orchard absolutely flourished. Thank you for your great product.
— Sue, Victoria

Gardening Australia Feature

Our farm co-op was recently featured on ABC’s Gardening Australia.

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