Hello again fruit growing enthusiasts,

Spring is in full swing on the farm and everything is growing and changing. It’s wonderful to watch the trees that have been dormant go through all the phases of growth from blossom to fruit and bright new leaves. This is especially evident in the nursery where the new fruit trees are being grown. I have been working with Merv, Katie’s dad, learning all aspects of nursery work including growing rootstock from seed, cuttings and how to graft. This has been such a valuable skill set to develop and I have enjoyed every step of the process.

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One of my jobs was to graft some apples onto the rootstock where the buds had failed to grow. This was my first solo grafting job and I was a little nervous about how my skills would hold up. Well this week Merv cut away the tape from graft union, to allow it to grow without restriction no that it’s had time to heal, and 100% of the grafts I did succeeded. So that’s really exciting! It has given me the confidence to include growing fruit trees as part of my future business. I’m sure I won’t always have a 100% success rate but I know I have the skills to give it a red hot go.photo-600x448

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So the other thing that has been growing and changing on the farm are my ideas about my future farming enterprise. Katie has been wonderful at encouraging me to take it seriously and showing me various resources to make this happen. A really important part of this process is to develop a business plan that makes you define exactly what is it you want to do and when. It’s a bit of a daunting task in some ways to really sit down and commit on paper to the process of how you hope to create a business. But what a wonderful tool. I’m learning that the clearer ones’ vision is about the future and business the more likely it is to come to fruition. So this weekend I’ll be working away on my business plan, which might change as I actually start to put it into practice, however it creates a framework from which to begin. I never thought I’d be looking forward to writing a business plan but in the theme of growth and change I’m embracing this new phase of my life and can’t wait to see how it turns out. Watch this space!

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Happy growing all,

Victoria Meyer

Hum Along Farm.